Wolverine & Jubilee

Every one has a favorite character, someone who we try to stay up to date in terms of what there story is or what there involved in.  In my case it’s wolverine and through him i have found my other favorite characters from the Marvel universe and Jubilee joined that circle this weekend thanks to…

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead

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Assasins Creed IV Black Flag

Assassins Creed 4 was one the most anticipated titles this year by both Creed fans and non-fans alike.  While at first i was a bit skeptical, since i did not play Assassins Creed III but finished both the first and second, i quickly came to like the game for what it was,  the best pirate simulator in recent times.  And if your after the AC story you’ll get what you want in many ways.

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Neptunia’s Noire get’s her own game

Looks like the Neptunia franchise from Compile Heart is far from over we were just told via facebook that Noire, Lastations CPU, is getting her own game and that it will be filled with new characters, so many in fact that even Noire is not sure where they came from.

It seems the series is giving fans what they want since we also got confirmation on wendsday that the idol raising spinoff for the PSVita will also arrive on this side of the world.