The Future is now….well not exactly.

Ir has been a while since I posted here, mostly due movies finally slowing down and letting my wallet breath, but apart from that I’ve been thinking of the future-ish.
27531136For starters I’ve decided that i should do what i like to do and push myself to make a living off it.  In this case being my love for video games, my honesty when it comes to critiquing anything, and my tech savi-ness.  So with that in mind I’m going to start putting a lot of effort into my Youtube channel and work hard so that it can take off.  But don’t worry, I’m not closing down this blog, I’m just going to change how I post things now.

So the content on the channel will mostly be Video Game related but I will also continue my movie critiques except they will be in video format now and I will be linking non-let’s-play content here (tomorrow is my Destiny Review).
44842394 I will also occasionally do random things like Heroclix mini-reviews (Like the upcoming Yu-gi-oh wave 2 figures), maybe board games with friends but still debating on that, going over news relating to the industry that I think are important and other things, so yea, this is happening.


This weeks schedule

So later this week were getting Big Hero 6 down here and I’m looking forward to watching it, even if I’m stuck with spanish dub as will probably be the case and you will probably see that by friday afternoon.

On thursday Warlords of Draenor comes out and I’ll probably stream it from 12 am Wednesday (asuming their servers don’t die) for as long as i can stay awake.

Also on thursday the first DLC for Mario Kart 8 comes out so I’ll make a couple short videos to take a look at the 8 new tracks.

I also just got into the Heroes of the Storm Alpha so I’ll probably play that and give you my thoughts on it next week once I get a good amount of hours into it.

So if any of that peaks your interest feel free to sub to my YouTube channel or you can like my Facebook page if you’re a social media junkie or if you have an aversion to social media you can keep following me here, no pressure.


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