Movie Time: The Book of Life

If you have ever wondered what Dia de los Muertos is about then boy do I have the movie for you.

If you’re like me then all you knew about Dia de los Muertos was that it was about honoring our ancestors but never really knew the complete myth behind the celebration.  But before that, as always, here is the trailer…

So yes, it’s very pretty, and it better be considering the national holiday it’s based on.  Now if you have never seen what Dia de los Muertos is like here in mexico take a look…
DIA-DE-MUERTO-14Yes it’s very bright, very festive and full of energy.  So in that aspect the movie comes through with shining colors.  Now how about the characters?book_of_life_ver2_xlg

At the top we have La Catrina (Originaly a caricature that has since been adopted by almost all of meico into the representation of death) and Xibalba (although Xibalba is the name for the underworld in Mayan mythology i’ll let it slide).  La Catrina is basically the queen of the dead who cares for all humanity and welcomes the deceased to her realm, the Land of the Remembered.  Xibalba is your grumpy death god and spouse to La Catrina, he believes that humanity is useless and couldn’t care less about them.  These two are the real main characters in the movie since it’s their bet that gets the story going.  Below them are the three mortal pawns that act as plot devices with personalities.  Rightmost we have Juaquin (i think) a man who believes that being brave and having lots of medals is what being a hero is about, just like his father.  In the middle we have Manolo, a man who comes from a long lineage of Matadores but who’s true pashion is the guitar.  And to the right we have Maria (talk about a mexican name) the fulcrum of their love triangle and the main point of the bet between the gods.  As far as characters go they are good, not because there so exciting and fresh, but because they are as human as they come, probably more so than most protagonists in most movies.

So yes, the movie is good in pretty much every way, great visuals and lots of characters, even the secondary and tertiary characters are good.

On that note, my favourite characters show up less than 4 minutes in the whole movie but i found them to be super interesting and entertaining (maybe because i have a brother)

So yes, this movie is well worth your time and money and is a great way to teach any body what Dia de los Muertos is really about.


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