Nostalgia VS: Saint Seiya

So next week we are getting one of the most anticipated releases down here since it’s announcement, and no I’m not talking about The Hobbit or anything else that probably jumped into your head.  I’m talking about the CGI re-imagining of Saint Seiya, one of the most beloved anime’s in this country since its first airing.
Saint SeiyaNow in case you have never heard of this series here  is the first opening…

Quick Notes
Throughout the series you will hear the word cloth be used, this is what their armors are called and are ranked either Bronze, Silver, or Gold which is also a reference to their power, golden being the most powerful.

If you look up any of the main characters you will be shocked to learn that every single one of them is either 18 or below, and Athena herself is 13….yes, we know, it is absolutely ridiculous, a 13-year-old will never look like that but that’s just how it is.


Pegasus_SeiyaThe obvious main protagonist, as if the name didn’t give it away.  He is the hero that will, through some miracle or other, come out victorious.  He carries the Pegasus cloth, nothing particularly outstanding about it in terms of abilities or power but seems to show great combat adaptability.

Bronze_-_Dragon_Shiryu_V1The student of a legendary teacher deep within the chinese mountains.  In the beginning he is overconfident and cocky but is quickly brought down to earth and becomes one of the wisest of the group.  He Carries the Dragon cloth, renown for having “the strongest shield” and has great personal power thanks to his training.

Cygnus_HyogaHe starts off as cold-hearted and uncaring but changes after the tournament to form the main group.  He carries the Swan cloth that although is not known for anything special his training has allowed him to use techniques that freeze his opponents in absolute zero.

Andromeda_Shun_V1He is the pacifist of the group and remains so throughout the entire series.  He carries the Andromeda cloth with is known for having an unbreakable defense.

Phoenix_Ikki_2Shuns older brother and the oldest in the group.  He carries the Phoenix cloth, known for its capability to repair itself regardless of what damage it takes.  He is the lone warrior of the group that always goes off on his own but shows up in the nick of time.

Saori Kido / Athena
Athena_1The damsel in distress who has chosen to live amongst humans rather than contempt them from the heavens.  Once she awakens to her goddess within she is constantly fighting for humanities survival against other gods that have given up on humanity, mostly through self-sacrifice which then forces her saints to come to her rescue.

The Gold Saints
Known throughout the order as the 12 strongest saints, they stand guard at Athena’s sanctuary in Greece.  Each carries one fo the 12 Golden clothes that represent each of the 12 main constellations and stand guard at there respective temples that block the path to Athena’s sanctum.   Each of them is unique and memorable and by the end of the arc you hold great respect for all of them.

The Story

So what’s it about? in the beginning it starts off with a tournament held by Saori Kido where 12 “Saints”, as they are called, are fighting for the coveted golden cloth of Sagittarius.  As the tournament moves on we are introduced to each of the main characters and to their individual powers since each of them gains their power from a different constellation.  As is expected things start to go wrong as the cloth is stolen and they are pushed to there limits to get it back.

Once that is handled a new plot unfolds where saints that come from the sanctuary in Greece, birthplace of all of the cloths, have come to eliminate Saori.  It is at this point that the most famous story arc of the series takes place and that the new movie is re-imagining.

There are many arcs that happen after this one, which is the one that launched it into cult classic status down here in Region 4.  It is hard to explain into words really why it was such a hit down here so all i can do is show you the main characters as well as some of the music and leave it to you to decide if you want to look it up or not.

Just remember that it is a 80’s anime and a such is was made to drag on, but somehow these extreme time stretches just added to the feeling at the time.

Now fast forward to 2002 and into Mexicos biggest anime convention and all you see in every tv screen is the resurrection of the series with a brand new saga simply labeled Hades.
GoldsLineupMe and every one i knew that grew up with the series were going insane.  We couldn’t believe it, the series we grew up with was back and it was better than ever.  New animations, crisper design, new and exciting story and all the characters we remembered.  This new arc gave the series a second life and I believe that it also lead to the creation to what would be the peak of the series as a universe, Lost Canvas.

Back when anime was in its infancy it was hard for any series to have a memorable soundtrack and yet Saint Seiya is the first anime I remember to have such an awesome soundtrack that i still remember key tracks to this day and they still bring back scenes from all those years ago…

The music becomes even more powerful when it’s integrated into the scenes and brings out true emotions out of the viewer.

And that is Saint Seiya, one of the most famous anime of the 80’s and a series that is very close to the hearts of many of us that grew up in the 80’s.  If what I just told you has peaked your interest then it shouldn’t be hard to find the series on a site some where.


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