Nostalgia Vs: Gundam Wing + Endless Waltz

More than a decade ago when I was channel surfing i saw giant robots fighting each other and I was hooked on what would be one of my favourite shows  from the 90’s and a gateway into one of the most famous names in the anime world.

So as seems to be the case in all the Gundam anime’s i have seen it has 2 openings, both of which have stuck with me since I first watched them.

Don’t watch this one if you want to see the series as it spoils a small amount of things.

So right off the bat you’ll notice a couple of things…

  1. There is no protagonist female pilot, something that started becoming prominent in every Gundam series after Wing.
  2. These are not the super agile with crazy lazers and ridiculous abilities gundams we have gotten used to since Seed, these are big, burly, and powerful Gundams that move like something  8 tons should.

It was these two things that caught my eye and made me watch the entire thing day after day.  When i saw them move i was like “wow, there so “slow” and “clunky”, we could definitely build those in the forseeable future.  Now at the time i didn’t take much note of it but today I find it very interesting that, a show that is aimed primarily at boys and men, had only 3 female protagonists.


The show itself has actually 2 main protagonists with the rest being supporting protagonists (if such a term exists).

Heero Yuyheero15He’s the main protagonist of the show and the character with the most impact in the story.  We don’t actually see him till episode 2 but from there he becomes involved deeply with the plot of the story.  He is the hero that is stoic, cold, and is focused on his mission so much that nothing will stop him and as the show goes on he maintains this persona.

He pilots the Gundam named Wing 01 by his enemies (he never gave it a name) and is shown to be  one of, if note the most, capable pilot in the series.

Relena Darlain
gw_relena028She is one of 3 main female characters.  She starts off as the usual right girl who is the daughter of a very important politician who slightly resents her father for being so involved  with his work.  as the story moves onward she becomes a key player in it and is forced to change in order to survive.

Duo Maxwell
gw_duo005He’s the down to earth kind of guy and the charismatic type.  Right from the start he comes off as the likeable guy who can get along with almost anybody (the image up top makes him look snide and evilish,,,).  He pilots  the Gundam DeathScythe that seems to focus on a little stealth with quick precise strikes.

Quatre Raberba Winner
gw_quatre002He’s the nice guy who hates to fight for any reason.  He is also heir to a big family empire and has loyal subjects who fight with him.  His Gundam Sandrock is focused on melee combat and seem to be slightly tougher than the rest to compensate.

Trowa Barton
He also follows the cold and stoic personality but is not afraid to open up, if ever so slightly, to the people around him.  His Gundam Heavy Arms is focused on raw fire power, not being as mobile but compensating with overwhelming power.

Chang Wufei
gw_wufei005Wufei is the honorable warrior of the bunch.  His Gundam Shenlong is balance for close and medium range.  Being a warrior he will show respect and honor to his opponents, as long as they do the same.

Treize Khushrenada & Lady Une
He is the main villain of the show and the leader of the OZ organisation.  His goal seems to be world peace through total domination but also shows great chivalry and honor.  His second in command is Lady Une, who holds Treize’s goals as her highest priority and will stop at nothing from attaining them.

Zechs Marquise/MerquiseMasked_zechsEvery gundam series needs a villain in a mask and Zechs is it.  He is Treize close acquaintance and a renown pilot within OZ.  He is the Gundams main Antagonist and enjoys nothing more than pitting his skills against theres.

As the show starts the plot is simple, OZ is slowly gaining control of the world through military might and politics and people in the space colonies are oblivious to this so the Gundams step in to stop them.  But things stop being so simple soon as politics and secret schemes start appearing and soon everything the Gundams knew is turned upside down as they start fighting for there very survival against all odds.

Overall this is a series i can recommend to almost anybody with a slight interest in Gundams or mech combat.  The weight that they show  during combat gives it real feeling, the technology that is futuristic but also conceivable gives ir a sence of futuristic familiarity.  The character development that they all go through gives a real sense humanity as well as allowing you to identify will all of them in their own way.  So if you happen to see it on tv give it a shot or if your curious enough you can always find it on some streaming site or a torrent site somewhere.

Endless Waltz



These 3 OVA’s turned movie gives final closure to the series.

The world is finally headed towards peace but a ghost of the past appears and threatens the peace that the Gundams had fought for.  The threat is made even more dangerous when it is revealed that the Gundams have disappeared and old friends seems to have turned sides.  But all is not lost as more ghosts from the past appear, this time to Help the Gundam pilots bring about lasting peace.

The most outstanding thing about the movie is the large overhaul that the Gundams go through as well as the increased detail and design in general of all the Mobile Suits.  If you finished Gundam Wing but felt that some things where left unfinished the movie puts a final chapter into the story that grants real closure to the story.


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