The Batman, a new batman for a new generation

Not many people remember this cartoon incarnation fo batman, if at all, but why is that?  was it bad or is there another reason?
The Batman-Batman #3I can´t realy say why not many people remember this show, maybe they didn´t like the re-imagining of some characters? was the story no good? where they just busy watching other things? who knows, but i found it to be a fresh look at an era of batman that no other cartoon has tackled before.

Right from the start the firs thing to catch your eye is the character design.  Breaking away from it´s predesesors like Batman the animated series and Justice league, The Batman decides to go for a more modern cartoon look but keeps some fo the old in there as well.

His design doesn´t change much from what fans have come to expect.  His costume is still simple, it still has the black bat on top of yellow on his chest, a the bat ears are still noticeable but not exaggerated like the older batman.

Robin & Batgirl
For Robin they decided that the little green shorts where no good (thank god) and decided to go for the more modern look used in teen titans with a few changes to match the shows aesthetic.  Batgirl goes in a new direction with super high boots and some king of dress thing?  not really sure what it is but it helps her break away from the trappings of the old batgirls and let´s her be her own, well, girl.  Her non-bat clothes also show a more modern look and look like something you could see a teenager wearing on the street.
Batgirl-the-batman-16220797-491-450 Barbara_Gordon_(The_Batman) Robin-robin-in-the-batman-9733110-492-450

They went with a combination of old and new for Gordon, not just in his appearance but also in his character.  The ever present brown trench coat is still there, as well as the big mustache and glasses but his hair is still brown, although starting to show his age.

The villains
If there’s a character that will get your attention in this show, it´s the villains.  Not only because there so different from what you’re expecting like the Joker, but also because there new and interesting, if a tad strange.
Joker_(The_Batman)Joker seems a bit extreme from what we’re used to but he really comes into his own as the show goes on.  Not only does the design help him fight batman with some crazy clown martial arts or something, but his acting and voice really make him feel like an actual Joker.  Mind you it´s no Mark Hamill but it still really feels like joker.


Bane_(The_Batman) Poison-Ivy-thebatman Killer_Croc_(The_Batman)Penguin_(The_Batman)Penguin is another one of those characters that surprise you at the beginning of the show.  No longer is he just a kingpin but he can also hold his own against batman in a fight.


One of the more interesting aspects of the show is that it takes place in a time period that not many iterations of batman have explored.  Chronologically speaking it takes place 3 years before Batman the animated series, before he becomes THE BATMAN and is still learning the ropes of how to deal with super criminals popping up like weeds in Gotham.  The Joker is the most obvious recurring villain alongside the Penguin and Catwoman and they all fill in their roles nicely.  Robin and Batgirl also get their time in the spotlight as they are thrown into situation that they have to deal with on their own.   As the series nears it´s finale Batman is thrown into the midst of something that he can´t possibly handle on his own that makes a very nice callback to how justice league started leaving a sense of satisfaction as it finishes.

So overall give it a shot, it’s a different batman that still doesn’t have the answer to everything  and still gets into hot water, is still reluctant to accept help but learns that he can’t do everything himself.


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