Space Pirate Captain Harlock 2013

Last year a beloved franchise was put back in the spot light through the release of a new movie.  Space Pirate Captain Harlock showed that old doesn’t mean forgotten.

The story is an interesting one.  It is seen mostly through the eye’s of the newest member of the Arcadia as he battles between the weight of his past and the freedom of the future.  As stories go it is different from either of the original series but takes events from both.  The only major difference is the origin and appearance of the Arcadia.

Returning Characters 

Captain Harlock 
The legendary space pirate himself returns and in a big way.  Although the movie doesn’t focus on him he still imposes with his presence and doesn’t just sit back and let his crew do every thing.


La Mime
Harlocks companion since the original series, she has stood by him throughout all of his adventures and still remains loyal to him.  This time her role is more important than in either of the series and plays a pivotal role in the story.  Her new design is also welcome, giving her more detail and character than either of her original designs.
La MimeKei 
A member of harlocks crew in the original series and an acquired member in the second series, she takes her place again as a senior member of harlocks crew.


The Arcadia 
Arguably the main character of Harlocks adventures it returns and more powerful than ever.  Although the appearance has changed drastically it is still recognizable as the Arcadia.  Now having its main cannons placed on a rail system the circles the hull of the ship and still sporting a seemingly indestructible bow it still tears through its enemies.


New Characters 

A new addition to harlocks crew and taking Tochiros place, he plays an important role in keeping the Arcadia running smoothly as well as leading the boarding parties.


The movies main character and the newest member of Harlocks crew, we see the story through his eyes.  His appearance closely resembles what harlock could have looked like in his youth and earns his place in the Arcadia by the end of the movie.


Overall it is a tragedy that the movie didn’t get a major theatre release outside of japan and is something that can be enjoyed on its own.  It is well worth owning if you ever see it at a store and something that can be considered a triumphant return for Harlock and his crew.

P.S. If you’re wondering what happened to Tochiro then look no further than the series Captain Harlock SSX



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