Nostalgia VS: Captain Harlock

A classic from the 80’s and 90’s, Captain Harlock  is a name well known in the industry as one of anime’s most famous anti-heroes as well as an aesthetic that is not present any where  outside of its universe, but has it stood the test of time?

Now as a foreword i’ll talking about the movie Arcadia of My Youth and the series that followed it Captain Harlock Endless Orbit SSX.

This series is from a different era than most of us remember.  The character design screams that it’s from the anime industries younger days where they cared more about telling a good story about a universe they created rather than focusing on a main character and companions but through Harlocks eye’s.  Even the ship design is something you don’t see any more, resembling battleships from the era of naval warfare more than space ships.
harlockThe movie is set right before the series that followed it, setting the stage for the majority of the universe and showing how Harlock and his famous ship the Arcadia came to be.  It really drives home how deep a friendship Harlock, Tochiro, and Emeraldas have.  It is hard for any series or movie to get me to focus on it and not get distracted on my other screen but this one managed it very early in the story.  Harlock himself has been an inspiration for many character that adopt many of his qualities and mannerisms.

The animation quality speaks of its age but luckily it was retouched for the BD release and given the widescreen format.  The animation is still a bit rough as any show of its age but the cinematic scenes of the arcadia and it’s battles do a great job of truly showing how big and impressive it is.  As it transfers into the series and the story goes on were introduced to the rest of Harlocks crew as well as see them get their own share of character development, even Harlocks old ship from before the movie is given development.

Overall the movie and series have a very solid story that shows story telling that is not used any more.  It’s memorable characters engrave themselves into the heart of the viewer and it’s universe provides an escape from the many overused stories and characters of today and is well worth your time even if it is hard to find legal copies anywhere.

I leave you with the trailer for the  with the trailer to last years Space Pirate Captain Harlock trailer which i can’t wait to watch this weekend.


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