Avatar The Last Airbender comics

Just about every one has watched Avatar: The Last Airbender but not every one has read the comics that continue from where the series left off and also offer side stories and events that did and might have happened during the series.  So, are they any good? let’s find out.av1


The comics are divided into 2 main adventures and 2 mini spinoffs.  The first is The Lost Adventures and it covers a lot of mini stories that happened during the series itself including a duel between Toph and Bumi.  It’s lots of enjoyable stories that capture the feel of the series itself very well and are an enjoyable time.


The first main story in the comics is called The Promise and it covers the events of the fire nation colonies and the burden that a promise between him and Ang cause for each other.  Truth be told the main premise of the story really shows how unprepared both of them where for their roles as fire lord and avatar and how they really didn’t know how to deal with the problems that happen after a war.  Along the way where also shown how old characters have adapted to the new world.  Overall the story is worth reading  but is a tad predictable in that it ends in the way that any one that knows how to listen to others and has an open mind would figure out quickly.


After that big adventure we were given a small spinoff Involving Mai, and free to boot during free comic book day, and how she is dealing with Zuko after events during The Promise.  It’s only about 12 pages long but it feels right for a small spinoff.


Lastly we have The Search, where were finally told what happened to Zuko’s mom and in part why Azula was as crazy as she was.  This one is a more mature adventure since it deals with characters mental state as well as more mature themes like murder and parental neglect.  The story itself is very well written but i feel like the way it was concluded was pushed a little to far over to the supernatural side of things in order to give it a happy ending but overall it was satisfying.  We are left with a big open ending for one character but i hope we get a conclusion to it later this year.

And there you have it, a quick guide to the Avatar comics, available wherever you can find them, hopefully it will tell you whether you want to read them or not.


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